Our Clients Had This to Say...

I struggle when people hesitate to go talk to someone, the “stigma” of seeking out a mental health professional. I can’t tell you how many times I make a referral and hear. “Do you think I am crazy?” I respond. “If you have pneumonia, you go to the doctor, right?” We need to treat mental health the same as physical health. It makes you feel better. Life does not come with instructions. We are all doing the best we can. I do want to stress that finding the right therapist is what is most important. This is why I am so thankful for Dr. Payne. Not only does her curriculum vitae speak for itself, but her extensive expertise in clinical psychology, adolescent trauma and social and emotional issues make her an asset to the community. I have seen the way she puts client at ease. She makes them comfortable and they want to go back. She is truly making a difference.

– Amy Washabaugh, Director of Human Services, City of Broadview Heights.

Our son is still having good and bad days like any kid. He struggled after the holiday break, but still had more good than bad days. The great thing is that he has been successful now so we can point that out to him, and he knows that it is possible and he can do it.

– Parent of an elementary aged child who struggled with impulsivity.

Katie is amazing! When you come to the office she treats you with such professionalism and compassion that you feel comfortable and at ease.

– Adult client who has seen another provider in the past.

Dr. Evan came along at a time when we were struggling with behavioral problems with our son. Dr. Evan is a mix of professional and goofy so that my son feels comfortable with him and has learned how to better get along with other people.

– Parent of an elementary aged child who struggled with behavioral issues.

Dr. Kim helped me to feel comfortable enough to open up about bad things that happened to me when I was younger. We worked together to help me feel like I no longer was defined by my past and that I controlled my future.

– Young adult client with a past history of sexual abuse.

I love Dr. Kathy, I also refer to her as my worry doctor. She helped me deal with issues at school and at home. Now I don’t have a hard time with drama. She gave me homework. She gave my parents homework too. She made me feel so good about myself. I miss going to see her. I love helping people just like she helped me.

– Middle school student who struggled with self-confidence and anxiety.

Dr. Kathy’s creative, unconventional style helped me to get to the root of my issues and move on. She unexpectedly became a community resource. Visiting her weekly helped my confidence as a new mom emerge, and I’m grateful for that!

– A new mother who struggled with anxiety.