Summer Practice Plans May 19, 2020

The staff at Royalton Psychological Associates, LLC has developed a plan to both meet the emotional and psychological needs of our clients and the physical safety needs of our clients. We expect the following plan to be in place throughout the summer.  The plan may be modified over time as circumstances change.


  • We will continue to offer tele-therapy for those who are not yet comfortable coming into the office.
  • Please remember to set aside a private area where you can talk freely without someone else being able to hear the conversation.
  • Insurance providers are offering different coverage time frames.
    • Most providers have not set an end date for tele-therapy.
    • Summa Care is planning to end covering tele-therapy on June 1st.
    • Optum / United is planning to end tele-therapy on May 31st.
    • Please stay up to date on tele-therapy services with your health insurance provider.

In Person Appointments

  • We have decided to keep the lobby closed. As much as we love it when the lobby is full and people are talking, we cannot keep the environment as sanitized as is appropriate at this time. With the warmer weather, waiting in your car seems acceptable to clients and their families.
  • When you arrive, text Katie at 440-907-1141 or your psychologist after 5:00 and on Fridays. They will let you know when to come in or greet you outside.
  • We are not planning to do routine temperature checks but do have a thermometer. We ask that if you are showing any symptoms or have potentially been exposed that you stay home and switch to tele-therapy for three weeks. Our clients have been great so far about symptom monitoring and notifying us.
  • We are not requiring client and families to wear masks in session. Children especially have difficulty wearing masks for extended periods of time. You are welcome to wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable.
  • If for some reason someone needs to wait in the lobby like a child while caregivers address a matter with their psychologist, then we are asking you to wear a mask. We will have masks available if you need one.

New Clients / Intake Appointments

  • We require that initial intake appointments be in person. We believe this will lead to a better understanding of the person and situation and allow for new clients to better know the psychologist.
    • If you are not comfortable coming into the office, then we will recommend seeing someone who will conduct an intake via tele-therapy.
    • After the initial intake appointment, sessions can be conducted via tele-therapy.
  • We ask that you print and complete the intake paperwork before coming into session. Most paperwork can be found at our website,, under the forms tab
    • If you do not complete the paperwork online, then plan to arrive 20 minutes early.
    • We can bring the paperwork to your car to complete if before 5:00 or
    • You can wear a mask and come into the lobby to complete the paperwork.

Payment Options

  • We still accept only cash or check.
  • We have extra change at the office to help cover cash payments.
  • If doing tele-therapy, you can mail a personal check or ask your bank to mail payment.

Part of what we love about this practice is how people feel connected to one another and to the staff. We realize we are sacrificing part of that sense of connection. We also know that safety is our number one priority. We need both clients and staff to feel safe both virtually and at the office. We thank you for placing your trust in us to meet your psychological and emotional needs while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.