Equal Protection?

The world seems to be going through some dramatic changes recently.  We have ugly political primary fights that tend to show the worst in us instead of the best in us.  The war in Ukraine is a reminder that there are still insecure people in authority who are frighted by change and scared of freedom.  We have actively been working with our clients to help them navigate these uncertainties and still show hope for the future.  We as a staff and our clients are struggling with the leaked Supreme Court brief that would overturn Roe v. Wade.  On our social media and in our office, we are seeing people scared of what could happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

To us the issue is not about abortion, but rather about controlling our own futures.  I am not a legal scholar but understand that the Fourteenth Amendment provides for equal protection under the law.  The fourteen amendment has been used to end issues like segregation, misogyny, and healthcare limitations.  We are not here to tell someone whether or not they can have an abortion.  However, we do fully support the right for an individual to have control over their body and their healthcare choices.

Once someone’s ability to control their own healthcare decisions is taken away, then a tidal wave of assumed rights and privileges could also be taken away.  Women could lose the right to birth control.  Couples could lose the right to marry whomever they are in love with regardless of race or sexual orientation.  We could return to the false notion of separate but equal in terms of schooling and resources.  We do not consider issues like marriage and equality as liberal issues.  We consider them basic human issues.

If you too are bothered by threats to the equal protection under the law, please know you are not alone.  However, do not give up hope and optimism.  The world is still a good place at its core.  Sometimes members of society become scared and try to undermine others to feel safe and secure.  We still believe there are way more helpers than hurters in the world.  You too can become an obvious helper by taking a stand, supporting those in need, and lending your voices to protecting all of us.  We at RPA will continue to advocate for equality under the law.  Remember to be kind to one another and help take care of each other.