Independence Day

People are having mixed reactions to Independence Day this year.  Some are questioning who was really freed on July 4, 1776.  Some are questioning whose independence we are currently celebrating.  Are we celebrating the independence of a mass shooter in Highland Park, Il who was a coward and killed and injured people celebrating Independence Day?  Are we celebrating the independence of the evangelical Christian who wants to do away with the separation of church and state?  Are we celebrating the independence of the white male who is afraid of losing his status and privilege, so he works to make sure females and minorities are not considered equal?

Over half of the population is less free and independent than they were a year ago.  Another large percentage of the population is afraid of losing their independence next.  So much sadness and anger is on social media today and rightfully so.  So many people understandably feel defeated and helpless.  However, we need to realize that true independence is something to strive for and never take for granted.  When we take our freedoms for granted, we do not nurture and protect them and can easily lose them.  The past few weeks have certainly reminded us all of that.

I encourage all of us to realize we are in this race called life together.  We all know how the race ends too.  So, in the meantime, we owe it to one another to make the race fulfilling and worthwhile.  We are all better off when we lift one another up and work together instead of against one another.  In the end we all want to be authentic, be safe, have control over our own bodies, love freely and openly, and feel dignity in our work.  We cannot expect those things for ourselves but not others.  We can achieve so much when we work together and do not take any freedoms for granted.  Now more than ever we need to remember to be kind to one another and help take care of each other.